The surgeons at Wilmington Surgical Associates are extensively trained in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of thyroid disease.  In today’s healthcare environment, many patients are found to have enlargement of their thyroid gland, a nodule or mass involving their thyroid gland, or other thyroid symptoms.  We have the training and experience to help you decide how to manage your thyroid issue whether it is weighing the options of treatment or deciding whether to remove a suspicious mass. check links  Fortunately, most thyroid masses and enlarged glands are not cancerous and we can help you save your gland which is very important to normal body function.  If your gland needs to be biopsied or removed, we have the experience and technical skills to lead you to a great outcome!  All of our physicians manage thyroid disease so if your doctor says you need a surgeon for your thyroid, call Wilmington Surgical Associates!