Wilmington’s Comprehensive, State-Of-The-Art Surgery

WSA: Complete, advanced capabilities, techniques and procedures.

To achieve the best outcomes, WSA’s team of highly trained, credentialed surgeons provides skill and services from the forefront of modern surgery. Our doctors’ shared knowledge and state-of-the-art surgical capabilities enable us to handle virtually any general, vascular, oncologic or thoracic surgical challenge… and achieve outstanding results.

Whenever possible, WSA doctors perform outpatient surgeries using minimally invasive techniques to reduce surgical risk, postoperative pain, recovery time and scarring.

Five Centers of Surgical Excellence in Wilmington.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Center

When appropriate, we use the minimally invasive techniques of laparoscopy and robotics to minimize surgical impact. Benefits include decreased pain, scarring and recovery time.

The Vein Center at WSA

Varicose veins, spider veins and other problems related to venous disease can be unsightly, embarrassing, uncomfortable, painful and life-altering. Our board-certified surgeons and experienced nurses help you get back to your life with fully accredited noninvasive diagnostics, state-of-the-art treatments and a private, comfortable setting.

Cancer Center

WSA’s physicians combine compassion, specialty training and experience with surgery for many different types of cancers. We are dedicated to cooperative and responsive interaction with oncologists and other medical specialists to ensure a high level of coordinated care.

Vascular/Endovascular Surgery Center

Our fellowship-trained vascular surgeons use today’s most advanced treatments, including catheter-based endovascular (inside the blood vessel) techniques. Our freestanding endovascular facility also features nationally accredited vascular diagnostics and a GE vascular C-arm system.

General/Abdominal Surgery Center

As experienced general surgeons, we cover the gamut of traditional general surgical conditions. When minimally invasive techniques are not indicated, our extensive experience with open surgery expands the options for treatment.

To find out about a specific surgical service or procedure, please call Wilmington Surgical at 910-763-7363. You can also reach out to us via our online contact form or request an appointment.

Wilmington patients tell their stories.

This is how all doctors’ offices should be run…very efficient & professional…and getting you in and out with great attentiveness for your issues.    – John B.

I received excellent patient care the moment I checked in at registration. From beginning to end I was comfortable, and felt like I was important to all the staff that took care of me.    – Kathleen M.