As a mother, the most frightening moment in your life is when you hear that your child has to undergo emergency surgery. Our son was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at 6 weeks old, and we were told he needed immediate surgery. We contacted Dr. Mark Medley, who was very knowledgeable and experienced with our son’s diagnosis. He reworked his schedule to get him into surgery immediately. He assured my husband and me that this procedure is “common” and that he had a lot of training in his residency specifically for this type of case. These are very comforting words when you are sending your newborn into surgery. His tremendous response put us at ease, and we were confident our son was in great hands with the entire surgical team.

“Our son is now 15 years old and thriving academically and physically. He had no repercussions from the surgery and healed beautifully. We owe so much to Dr. Mark Medley for his skill, professionalism and care that he took with our son.”

— Renee S., age 49