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Testimonials: The Word is Out About Wilmington Surgical

Wilmington patients — and doctors — tell their stories.

At Wilmington Surgical Associates, our success as surgeons is measured entirely by the results of our procedures and the quality of the care — and level of commitment — we provide. We’re proud to have been part of Wilmington’s backbone of surgical care for decades, and the biggest reward is in the gratitude and warmth we get from patient testimonials and physician feedback.

Michele D.

I was highly impressed by the compassion and empathy of the administrative/support staff. I witnessed one of your employees (she was sitting at the desk to the right when you come in the front door) offer to get a patient’s car from the parking lot and bring it around to the front door. The patient was having difficulty ambulating and was so grateful for the assistance. The front desk staff is very pleasant and cheerful. From both personal and professional experience, having consistently pleasant and helpful support staff can be challenging. I don’t know how you are training your staff, but it definitely works. My visits to your office have always been pleasant. Keep up the good work!    – Michele D.

Mildred M.

“Very superior & professional medical practice that exceeds all expectations.” – Mildred M.

Dr. Neill Musselwhite

I cannot remember the hundreds of patient cases your physicians have treated, providing exemplary, extraordinary, acute surgical care…. and thus saving the lives of my critically ill patients and also the lives of some personal friends and family members.

“Here are some specific instances with which I was directly involved:

Toxic Megacolon… you were in the OR immediately, and the patient lived
Critical Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis… the patient lived
Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis… the patient lived
Acute Lung Collapse with Mediastinal Shift… the patient lived
Acute Lower Extremity Ischemia / Thromboembolism… the patient lived, and the limb was salvaged
Acute Hernia Strangulation… the patient lived, and no colostomy was needed because the surgery was expedient
Acute Appendectomy… the patient lived
Acute Perforated Penetrating Gastric Ulcer… the patient is still living 20 years later

“..and the list goes on.

“I thank you for giving my mother years beyond her life expectancy. I will always be grateful to your father and the care your surgeons have given my patients. Thank you!”

— Dr. Neill Musselwhite


I have worked with Wilmington Surgical Associates for over 20 years, and they have always provided expert yet compassionate care for my patients. I always know they will perform the proper surgery, correctly, with minimal risk of complications.”

Gastroenterologist, Wilmington, NC

Family Practice Physician

When one of my patients needs a surgeon, whether it’s for surgery or just a consultation or second opinion, I send them to the only place I would send my family: Wilmington Surgical Associates.”

— Family Practice Physician, Wilmington, NC

Linda D.

My experience at Wilmington Surgical was so comforting. I was very nervous about having surgery, but everyone there made me feel more relaxed. I knew I was in good hands and that I would be treated with great care. And I was.”

— Linda D.

Physician Assistant

I have worked as an orthopaedic physician assistant over the past 20 years in Wilmington. When we’ve needed a postoperative patient evaluated to rule out DVT or needed a preoperative vascular clearance, Wilmington Surgical Associates has always been there. They’ve always had an open-door policy and have treated our patients with expertise and compassion. I would highly recommend Wilmington Surgical Associates to my colleagues, patients and friends.”

Physician Assistant, Orthopaedic Surgery, Wilmington, NC

Renee S.

As a mother, the most frightening moment in your life is when you hear that your child has to undergo emergency surgery. Our son was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at 6 weeks old, and we were told he needed immediate surgery. We contacted Dr. Mark Medley, who was very knowledgeable and experienced with our son’s diagnosis. He reworked his schedule to get him into surgery immediately. He assured my husband and me that this procedure is “common” and that he had a lot of training in his residency specifically for this type of case. These are very comforting words when you are sending your newborn into surgery. His tremendous response put us at ease, and we were confident our son was in great hands with the entire surgical team.

“Our son is now 15 years old and thriving academically and physically. He had no repercussions from the surgery and healed beautifully. We owe so much to Dr. Mark Medley for his skill, professionalism and care that he took with our son.”

— Renee S., age 49


Wilmington Surgical Associates is the premier surgical group in southeastern North Carolina. They provide high-quality surgical care in a timely and efficient manner encompassing a broad array of general surgical services. Heaven forbid that I need surgical care. But if I do, I would want to be cared for by Wilmington Surgical Associates. (My wife actually has been.)”

Cardiologist, Wilmington, NC

Orthopedic surgeon

Professionally I have found the doctors at WSA caring, competent and able to provide excellent care to our mutual patients, either in the office setting, ultrasound arena, emergency room or vascular-emergency setting. I feel comfortable with any of them handling me or any members of my immediate family and indeed have had personal surgical repair performed by them, as well. They have maintained excellent professionalism and service for decades to southeastern NC citizens, and they continuously improve technical surgical services for our patients.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Wilmington, NC

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