I cannot remember the hundreds of patient cases your physicians have treated, providing exemplary, extraordinary, acute surgical care…. and thus saving the lives of my critically ill patients and also the lives of some personal friends and family members.

“Here are some specific instances with which I was directly involved:

Toxic Megacolon… you were in the OR immediately, and the patient lived
Critical Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis… the patient lived
Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis… the patient lived
Acute Lung Collapse with Mediastinal Shift… the patient lived
Acute Lower Extremity Ischemia / Thromboembolism… the patient lived, and the limb was salvaged
Acute Hernia Strangulation… the patient lived, and no colostomy was needed because the surgery was expedient
Acute Appendectomy… the patient lived
Acute Perforated Penetrating Gastric Ulcer… the patient is still living 20 years later

“..and the list goes on.

“I thank you for giving my mother years beyond her life expectancy. I will always be grateful to your father and the care your surgeons have given my patients. Thank you!”

— Dr. Neill Musselwhite